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Communication, media, creative and marketing strategies are the foundation online marketing cannot do without. We have our own team of strategists who use the analysis of internal and external sources, data, and other tools to create a functional marketing mix for the client.

Digital strategy

How and where to communicate? These are just a few of the many questions that a digital strategy will answer for you, which includes media and communication strategy. It is based on analytics, definition of suitable channels, targeting, optimization of the customer path, and many other elements.

Brand building

Building a brand is a long-term affair. Only an advertising agency with many years of marketing experience can find new ways to develop a brand through digital marketing or advertising, while sticking to its solid foundations. Just like Marketup.

Strategic planning and consulting

Online marketing is a complex discipline in which it is easy to get lost. That is why we offer clients strategic planning of marketing activities and, if necessary, consultations, thanks to which they will orient themselves in the digital environment and take the right course.

Campaign audits

We still meet clients whose previous campaigns have worked only as a vacuum cleaner for money, I know, it sucks! The audit of a campaign serves to reveal the shortcomings of the current communication and possible points of optimization. The result is an increased return on investment and satisfaction all round.

Situational online analysis

This is a comprehensive view of the client's position in the digital environment. It is based on data from Google, Seznam, and social networks. But also, from analyses of similar websites or competitors, the client's online marketing, web presentations etc. The output is usually a SWOT analysis.

Export analysis

We help our clients conquer new markets. According to the goals and expectations of the client, we select suitable markets, which we then subject to analysis and several criteria. Based on the result and evaluation, we will recommend the most suitable market for the client's expansion.

Cross-media planning and intervention analysis

Almost every media planner solves the question of how to achieve sufficient intervention with an effective frequency. Thanks to our cooperation with partners from the field of research, we recommend our clients to measure the actual impact and influence of the campaign on the shopping behavior of the audience across all channels. With the help of the results, we will then provide them with an ideal breakdown of the media budget between the individual channels for the next campaign.

Creating a media plan

The media plan is like a beacon, according to which all elements of communication are oriented. Without it, the campaigns would drown in chaos and stop working. But creating a good media plan is a masterpiece in itself. For us, it is our daily bread, so we would be delighted to provide you with the benefit of our years of experience.

Creativity & Production

Effective creative work must engage, captivate, and persuade or evoke positive brand connotations. We provide idea-making and complete production of feature or animated spots, Youtube videos and TV spots, key visuals, websites or even specialties such as food styling.

Creative strategy

A successful creative piece is fresh, well-honed and, above all, gets results. Creative strategies come with ideas and solutions that either match your brand and tonality, or more likely move it a bit further. But remember only well-thought-out advertising works in your favor.


Good ideas are both a rare and much sought product in the field of advertising and marketing. We have experience in inventing concepts for clients from large banks or chains to local brands. These are then followed by fine-tuned copywriting, graphics, or advertising on Youtube.

Advertising spot scenarios

Writing a commercial is like producing a masterpiece. Everything must fit; length, timing, clarity, product placement, budget etc. When a great TV commercial or Youtube video is finally created, we are just as happy as the client. Sometimes maybe even much happier.

Video production

With us you get a complete service under one roof. We will ensure the production of either live or animated commercials, video recipes, bumpers - in short, anything you want to shoot or rotate and broadcast to the world, as in the case of our work at Horalky, for example.

Sound design

No online video or TV spot is complete without a refined voiceover and sound design. We will get you voice artists of all ages and genders, we will process special effects and music, and finally, we will put it all together into one flawless sound mix.


Graphics, copy, art direction. These are the basics of any good banner. Our creative team knows exactly where to place the graphic elements and how to write the text so that the result is a highly competitive online advertising environment that leads to a click on your site.


In the hospitality industry, it is said that people eat with their eyes. The same applies to presentations in an online or offline environment. Arranging food so that you salivate when you look at it is an art. Our food stylists know just how to do it and make sure that your products look irresistible.


Creating a professional photo requires a lot more work than just pressing the shutter button. For an advertising photo to have an emotional impact and bring the desired response, the photographer must come up with a concept, composition, the right lighting or color, and so on. We know how to take the best photographs for you at Marketup.


Creating a well-functioning website or microsite is as challenging as building a luxury car. It must have power, work well and be easy to use so that it becomes popular. It is a mix of impressive graphics, striking copywriting and a functional user experience.

Brand & logo manual

Do you want to be sure that your brand or logo will always look consistent, wherever it appears? We will prepare a complete manual for you to use in all possible online and offline formats. Dimensions, color, catchment zone and everything else connected with it.


Applications are ubiquitous and essential. Mobile devices generate half of all online traffic, and mobile phones themselves are like some sophisticated swiss army knife – it does almost everything! We will create an application exactly according to your needs, so that your brand is not missing out.


Words have more power than they seem, just ask Shakespeare. They can persuade, reassure, inform, provoke, or simply do whatever needs to be done. Copywriting is the magic that turns users into customers. We will text everything from feature spots through print or OOH to online formats. In Czech and English.

Web copywriting

Copywriting on the web has its own laws. Writing texts for an e-shop or corporate website is something completely different than an advertising spot or a flyer. Whether you need a landing page, PPC, texts on social networks or anything else in the field of online marketing, we have the people and the copy.

Content strategy

Do you know your brand, your products, and your mission? So now all that is left is to figure out how to tell people about it. This is exactly where the content strategy is created - from the homepage to the company blog. For your content to work in the short and long term, it must first and foremost be well planned.


Performance marketing, this is mainly about results. At Marketup, we use advanced analytics and campaign automation. We optimize them according to the cost per conversion or the share of costs in turnover so that online advertising is as effective as possible for the client.

PPC in search engines

We will make sure that your brand is visible in search engines. Search campaigns are the cornerstone of online marketing and, combined with advanced keyword analysis and proper campaign optimization, deliver orders, customers, and higher sales.

PPC campaigns for e-shops

Properly setting up and managing performance campaigns will ensure that we reach users who are currently in the decision-making process. Thanks to the optimization of return on investment, PPC campaigns for e-shops are one of the most effective tools for marketers and could very quickly affect your sales.

Shopping campaigns

Product Listing Ads (PLA campaigns) are among the most powerful formats in Google Ads and Sklik. They appear in the search along with text ads, but unlike text ads, products communicate visually, including price and other information. We can automate and manage PLA campaigns for e-shops very well, thanks to XML feed modifications for example.

Automation & Machine Learning

We obviously use the potential of advertising systems to automate performance campaigns. But we do not stop there, we go even further. We have our own advanced tools for automation through Big Query or for reporting in Data Studio. This enables us to see the results of campaigns (and not just campaigns) in a broader context and this leads to far more flexibility in responding which ideally is done in cooperation with the client.

Remarketing campaigns

Almost anyone can set up remarketing today. But there is a big difference in letting one creative run to all your site visitors in the last 30 days, or to introduce your service and products only to those users who left the site without the required action, and in time turning them into paying customers. We choose a different approach, a little more challenging, but all the more effective because of it.

Dynamic remarketing

Do not want to bombard your potential customers with irrelevant advertising? Dynamic remarketing will offer them specific products that they have viewed on your e-shop, and will supplement them with others that they might be interested in. All based on advanced automation and return on investment optimization.

Lead generation campaign

Lead generation is like building a sturdy bridge from your customer to you. It creates a welcoming, safe step from interest to sale that your customers will appreciate. At MarketUp we have a multitude of case studies that prove again and again that our strategies make connections, build confidence, and get results.

B2B campaigns

We can campaign for any business model. Do you want to address managers, directors and decision-makers or heads of specific departments? We will target, prepare, and deliver the results. We have years of proven experience with B2B communication in online marketing.

Brand campaigns

A strong brand should always be visible. For brand campaigns, we primarily deal with the right targeting, unique intervention, and frequency. We place great emphasis on the visibility of impressions (where, thanks to our own Visibility Booster tool, we maximize the time a user spends experiencing your brand) and on brand safety.

Campaign display

Banner or responsive ads on content and social networks are the basis of brand campaigns that will capture and draw the user's attention towards your brand. That is, if you do them well. And we can do that. If you are serious about your brand, you should not forget this important part of online marketing.

Video campaign

We start all major brand campaigns with video advertising. It has a huge impact and can perfectly convey the main idea, which we will then support in other channels. We provide complete production from planning through filming and post-production to deployment and management. Subsequent BrandLift research will then show the specific impacts on your brand or product.


The Branding format is not to be overlooked, as you can frame the entire web page with it. It can be implemented directly, through RTB or within auction advertising systems. Each of the options has its own specifics and we will recommend the right one for your campaigns.

RTB campaigns

We most often implement Real Time Bidding campaigns through the Google Marketing Platform and Adform systems. We also use our own Visibility Booster tool, which maximizes the time a user spends with your visible ad. This solves the problem of invisible impressions.

Native advertising

Unlike other online marketing formats, native advertising looks like an organic part of the site where it is hosted. This reduces the disruptive impact of seeing wildly different images and with the right choice of graphics, copywriting and landing page, can be highly effective during the first stages of the purchase process.

Mobile advertising

Along with the increasing time spent on mobile phones, the importance within complex digital marketing campaigns of the humble smartphone is also growing. The creative work, the landing page and the website itself need to be optimized and adapted to these unique specifics. We would be delighted to advise you on what works well.

Social media

Social media marketing is extremely important for a brand. Advertising on Facebook or Instagram, Youtube video, influencer marketing and other forms of promotion are key in the era of social networks, as well as the subsequent communication with customers in the comments.

Strategies for social media

Every campaign needs to be well planned first. The talent at Marketup are experienced professionals who know exactly which formats and types of content work best. And they can create a social marketing strategy for any brand or product - even yours.

Content creation on social networks

Social networks will bring you attention, sales and contact with customers. Thanks to advertising on Facebook, Instagram, etc., you can constantly remind yourself, create positive associations or draw attention to special offers. Do you want a specific example? See how we kicked off the communication on the social networks of the BILLA chain and what results it brought.

Campaign management

Managing social networks is as important as quality content. A company profile on Facebook, Instagram and other networks must communicate uniformly, target well and avoid tone changes. We manage the profile of the largest domestic companies and we will be happy to take care of yours.

Reach & Frequency campaign

Would you like to be in control of how often or on which days your ad appears on social networks? Try Reach & Frequency on Facebook. You will avoid "bombarding" users with the same content, and thanks to a fixed investment, you can even better plan your communication and budget.

Community management

Community management on social networks is as important as PR management. With a good reply, even a sworn critic will become a fan or prevent the escalation of controversies and disagreements, and this is probably the most valuable thing you can achieve with digital marketing.

Campaign reporting

We are as completely transparent and open when reporting results on social networks as we are when we develop our creative and marketing strategies. Our clients always have a perfect overview of how their campaigns work, and a precise indication of the return on investment.

Influencer marketing

Influencers can have fans in the thousands or in the millions of millions and can promote or communicate the great features of a selected product in a non-violent way. Influencer marketing is a hot trend and our specialists will find the right ambassador for you as well.

Monitoring of brand or product mentions or competitors

Knowing how you are being talked about on the networks or what the competition is about is key to planning your communication and evaluating its results. We will give you an insight into the ‘kitchen’ of all your competitors and you will always know what image your brand has on the networks.

Data & technology

Data is the gold nugget of the digital age. When you extract it and process it into something valuable, you can get fabulously rich. From data analytics to campaign automation to advanced reporting, all this and much more can be used by our data department in digital marketing.

Web analytics

Collect data from the web, look at it from a distance, and then suggest improvements. This is exactly what Marketup analysts are masters of. A good audit and then an implementation of changes can increase website traffic, increase duration (= lower bounce rate) and bring you more awareness and sales.

Data analytics

Unlike emotions and impressions, hard data never lies. With its help, we can better target your communication, identify weaknesses and suggest improvements to the performance of your digital marketing and business as a whole. The goal is a more visible brand and a real impact on your sales.

Online reporting

The data is spread across different platforms and making it a complete picture is exceedingly difficult. That is why we have developed an Online Reporting tool, which gives our clients an instant view of their results and can be customized to see only the metrics that matter to them.

Visibility Booster

We use the advanced Visibility Booster tool, with which we maximize the time spent by users experiencing the advertising. It allows us to buy visible advertising time cheaper and thus optimize the return on investment in digital marketing for the benefit of the client.


We do not send newsletters that no one reads. On the contrary, we deliver the right personalized content to recipients at the right time. To do this, we create digital strategies, integrate e-mail into the entire customer journey, work with data, and test to find the most effective solutions etc.

UX audits

When a user gets lost on the web, they generally leave. This results in a UX audit, which reveals weaknesses and suggests UX web optimization is necessary. Only when your users start to feel at home will your online marketing hit the right performance mark which results in higher sales.

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