For client XXXLutz we created its first ever local TV spot

Radim Petlach 18. 7. 2023

XXXLutz furniture and home accessories stores have traditionally used global TV spots featuring the iconic big red chair and the Putz family. Now comes the first ever locally designed and produced spot. In it, MasterChef Czech Republic 2020 winner Roman Staša takes on the challenge of cooking in multiple kitchens simultaneously. XXXLutz thus wants to highlight both the breadth of its portfolio and the newly opened largest kitchen studio in the Czech Republic in OC Galerie Butovice in Prague. We prepared the creative concept, video production and grand opening event for the client.

The Austrian chain XXXLutz successfully managed the production of a local TV spot. Marketup came up with the idea of involving a locally known personality, namely the winner of the MasterChef Czech Republic competition. Roman Staša becomes the domestic face of XXXLutz kitchens for at least the next year.

Prior to the filming, market research was conducted in cooperation with the research agency Behavio to test the local and international concept. It was the local variant that resonated most with the target group. "We decided that the main idea of the spot had to be to show the breadth of the XXXLutz portfolio in conjunction with a locally familiar face. And all this while maintaining the brand elements," explains Jakub Kalmár, our project manager and strategist.

The very first spot released sticks firmly to the brand's philosophy and refers to the opening of the XXXL kitchen studio XXXLutz in OC Galerie Butovice on 21 July 2023. Customers will find over 120 kitchens and 5 inspiring model apartments on an area 2/3 the size of a football field.

"Our long-term cooperation with XXXLutz is based primarily on trust and perfect cooperation based on results. This is one of the reasons why the creative concept was approved by the Austrian management of XXXLutz at the first attempt. The production coordination itself was time-consuming, but without complications," adds Jakub Kalmár.

The new TV spot will be available from 10 July 2023 on Prima Group TV channels and other stations represented by Media Club, including online. For our client XXXLutz, we at Marketup agency have been providing performance and branded online communication since 2020.

"Our goal was to connect the XXXLutz brand, customer need and positive emotion in the commercials to further support a quality shopping experience in our XXXL stores. Creating a local TV spot was a huge challenge for us, and thanks to Marketup and IS Produkce in Zlín, it came to fruition. We believe that our reward will be a satisfied customer," says Blanka Smolíková, Marketing Director of XXXLutz.

Filming the TV spot required perfect preparation and coordination. With the joint efforts of the agency, production and XXXLutz marketing team, everything was managed in one night so that the normal operation of the department store was not disrupted. "Although the entire post-production process was still ahead of us, after the last flap fell we were already convinced of the quality of the result and the fulfilment of the goal for which we had created the work together," adds Blanka Smolíková.

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