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Clash of titans in e-commerce brought massive growth in number of orders

150 %

Y-o-Y growth in orders in the Czech Republic


higher turnover from campaigns in Austria



A ballad about online shopping

Muziker is growing and with it the whole segment of e-commerce. We've worked for this successful (not only) music instrument seller for 3 years, but the 4th one brought a new series of challanges. As the competition is growing not only in the Czech Republic, a whole new series of products was added(cycling, golf, yachting, etc.) to the classical sortiment.

We also run campaigns for Muziker in Germany, Austria and Poland. And while in the Czech Republic competitors such as Alza or Mall are pushing into the music segment, Amazon has invaded Poland in full parade. We therefore had to figure out how to meet such a challenge.

How to

Data rock 'n' roll

We played an unprecedented marketing song with a band full of senior specialists who played according to the best data notes.

Thanks to reports in Google Data Studio, we gained a strategic overview of all the categories of the client's products. We can report almost anything, down to the level of individual products and individual days. Need to know if drumsticks or the Okuma 8K fishing reel sold better on Tuesday 2 months ago? Not a problem.

In product and segment campaigns, we work with the PPC Bee campaign automation tool, which enables us to optimize performance and increase ROI.

Our senior campaign specialist Tomáš Hurt then came up with the DSA Builder tool, which works on the basis of BigQuery from Google. Thanks to him, we managed to create a complete structure of DSA campaigns for all segments, categories and subcategories of the 2nd level.

In practice, this means that over 1000 ad groups have been created, thanks to which we can optimize campaigns (smart bidding) on ​​the basis of segments as well as in smart shopping (in the Czech Republic and Poland), where we spend 3/4 of the budget, as it is the channel with the most conversions.

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A serenade full of numbers

150 % Y-o-Y growth in orders in the Czech Republic
2x higher turnover from campaigns in Austria

Instead of applause from the audience, the great numbers we brought to the client started to rain on us. In all the countries for which we managed the campaigns, the number of visits, number of transactions, turnover and the conversion rate increased year over year. The ROAS also grew in all the countries.

We compare numbers from 2021 and 2020. While last year e-commerce generally experienced a sharp increase due to the covid pandemic and closed physical stores this year we could no longer rely on such thing. So how did it turn out?

  • In the Czech Republic, there were almost 150% more transactions in March compared to last year. With an increase in costs of only 36%, the turnover for 2021 increased by 52% compared to 2020, which led to an increase in ROAS.

  • In Germany, the number of transactions increased by more than 100% year-on-year (by 107%), at the same time turnover almost doubled and ROAS climbed by more than 12%. 

  • ROAS grew even more in Austria. Turnover more than doubled and the number of transactions increased more than 2.5 times.

  • Turnover also increased year-on-year in Poland, where it increased by 72%. As in all other countries, the number of transactions and visits grew here too.

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