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To digitize is to survive

Komerční banka is one of the Czech bank giants. Therefore, when we won the tender for digital audit and consulting in the summer of 2020, it was clear that there was a challenge ahead of us that one does not face every day. However, thanks to the broad scope of our agency and dozens of specialists from various areas of digital marketing, we knew that we could bring results with a real impact on the client's business and the position of its brand.

The bank's goal was to keep up with technological start-ups and market development in general. It has set a course towards digitization and the global pandemic has added more dynamics into this trend. Digitization is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for survival.

How to

4 goals for Marketup

Such a large project, moreover for a client of this size, required the involvement of almost all departments of the agency, as well as several external specialists. In the audit, we focused primarily on 4 areas:

  1. We identified digital growth opportunities for the client using in-depth SEO analysis. Over the course of several months, we developed and delivered several hundred standard pages of content (either to the website itself or for link building purposes), which will strengthen their position in search engines. We also processed the graphic form for some of them.

  2. In the area of digital marketing, we focused on whether KB uses key digital platforms really effectively and if they cannot benefit from them more. We also dealt with the management or automation of campaigns, the correct distribution of budget between performance and brand (including individual channels) and in general the effectiveness of media investments. Part of the agreed cooperation was the creation of a comprehensive manual for collaboration with agencies in the field of digital marketing.

  3. We have developed a detailed UX audit of the website and user path, including an evaluation of the effectiveness of CTA elements at all levels of the website. We emphasized the factors influencing the conversion rate and the overall development of the website, and the result was a set of recommendations for improvement, taking into account best practices in the field of UX.

  4. The fourth area was an in-depth analysis of the attribution model and customer path, including measuring the length of the conversion from the first contact and other variables or verifying the suitability of using the Markov chain in the attribution of conversions.

And because it is often said “Look before you leap”, PoC (Proof of Concepts) was a high priority for us. We thus gained complete certainty that the proposed changes have a real impact on improving the selected parameters.

A number of external specialists cooperated with us on individual parts of the project, especially NMS Market Research (research and hypotheses), Martin Matějka (SEO), Adam Blascik (DataSentics) and Jan Hlaváč (UX).

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Digital bank of 21. century

4000+ agency hours spent on the project
30+ tests to verify audit hypotheses

Digital audits and transformations do not deliver results immediately. On the contrary, they are used to start up a digital engine, which is then able to operate for a long time and without problems and go for a long drive. For example, with SEO optimization and browser-specific content deployment, the first results begin to appear in a matter of months, so we will have to wait for concrete results.

However, we already have a few numbers. The digital audit, consulting and content delivery project for Komerční banka required over 4,000 agency hours and employed 25 specialists. The final report for the client was over 300 pages long and we tested the benefits of our work in more than 30 PoC (proof of concept) tests. While we managed to process most of the project in a record time of 4 months, partial segments will be still running out this year.

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