We accomplished a double digit growth for the biggest online tire shop in the Czech Republic!


+33 %

year-on-year increase in online sales


a shift from second to first place on the czech tire market within 2 years of cooperation


To create a digital marketing strategy to strengthen the brand and increase sales

Pneumatiky.cz is one of the largest online czech tire shops, that distributes both international and local brands such as Continental, Michelin, GoodYear, Pirelli, Nokian and Barum, as well as wheel discs and other assorted accessories. In media communication, the online store initially focused only on performance marketing and in 2016 asked MarketUP to prepare its first branding campaign. The long-term goal of the cooperation was to increase sales and increase market share.

Zajistili jsme dvouciferný růst pro největší e-shop s pneumatikami v ČR


The (perceived) voice of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear works for us!

We prepared a digital strategy for building the brand, creating the concept of the campaign, ensuring the production of an animated video and visual communication. In the video we, for example, used the voice of Zbyšek Horák, who originally provided  the voice dubbing for Jeremy Clarkson, an infamous character from a popular and topical TV show TopGear.

For the media communication we chose a variety of YouTube video campaign formats including Mastheads, Facebook ads and video, brandings of appropriate websites and campaigns in search ads and followed up with advanced remarketing strategies.

Zajistili jsme dvouciferný růst pro největší e-shop s pneumatikami v ČR


We did well in the campaign in ‘Best in Class’

The videospot scored great in the target group of men according to the results of ‘Brand Lift’. The spot showed a 5 fold increase in brand awareness compared to the average in other Youtube campaigns in the Czech Republic. And that is how it made it into the category “Best in Class”.

Amazing results were also recorded with users that skipped the video after 5 seconds. Thanks to the smart editing of the format, the Ad Recall metric recorded a gain in awareness by the other 70% of users for free! With this campaign we fought our way into the international finale of the competition Partner Premier Awards organized by the company Google in the category of Video Innovation in the region EMEA 2017.

Thanks to the success of the campaign, we achieved a year-on-year increase of 33% in market sales of the online shop, which the management decided to reinvest in building the brand over the long term. Since 2016 we have regularly run brand campaigns for Pneumatiky.cz through both the spring and autumn seasons. Having had two years of cooperation with MarketUP, Pneumatiky.cz moved from second to first place in online sales of branded tires on the Czech market. We also provide extensive consultancy in rolling out their online sales across multiple countries.


Working with MarketUP opened our eyes. In 10 years, we replaced 5 agencies, including those considered to be at the top of their field. We never got as professional an approach and amazing an outcome as we got with MarketUP. The emphasis on the real benefit of the client’s campaign is what makes the agency different from the others. You can be absolutely sure that you won’t just get 50% of your original expectation, but 150%! It is amazing if you give a good kick, have good teammates and send the ball together to the goal.

Mirka Hráčková, Marketing Manager, Pneumatiky.cz

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