One of the most successful launches of a pharmaceutical product on the market



in OMEGA 3 supplements only 3 months after its launch

1 000 000

consumers reached with a frequency of 5+


Introduce a completely new brand of fish oil

We created a digital campaign for a branch of the Norwegian company Orkla to introduce a new brand of fish oil Möller‘s on the Czech and Slovak markets. They have been market leaders in Norway for 160 years now, however they had to start from a scratch in our market.

Main goal of the campaign was to expand the reach of the TV campaign into the digital channels and to increase the brand awareness in the target group. 


Storytelling and a comprehensive digital campaign across platforms is ideal for launching a new product

We built the media strategy on storytelling, The task of the campaign was to acquaint potential consumers with the product, its advantages and to identify users with the Möller‘s brand. At the same time we worked with the uniqueness of the brand to encourage the customers to buy in the e-shops Dr.Max, Benu, and

In a comprehensive campaign we worked with 30 and 6 second video spots. We adapted them from client-supplied TV commercial for best performance at online video platforms as YouTube, Facebook, Adform, etc. Furthermore we used display, social media and search ads.

Jedno z nejúspěšnějších uvedení lékárenského produktu na trh


Half a year after its launch, Möller‘s oil has become one of the bestsellers in OMEGA 3 category in the Czech Republic

The campaign achieved outstanding results in reach as well as brand awareness. Our Brand Lift measurements on YouTube showed 4x more effective results than the global benchmark for brand awareness (the campaign was marked best in class).

Pharmacy chains labeled this launch as one of the most successful launches of a product into the market. Thanks to our success we are continuing our collaboration in a series of upcoming seasons. 


I am very grateful to the whole team of dedicated online specialists and superb professionals at MarketUP. Together, we managed to create a fully-fledged online communication campaign for Vitana and Möller’s in less than 2 years. MarketUP is the great partner to kick-start your online brand communication. I recommend!

Pavlína Barker, Product & Digital Communication Manager, Orkla Foods

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